Mom (Trail Name TBD)


Maddie may have started the idea of wanting to hike the PCT but Brittanie is the one who embraced it and became obsessed with thru-hiking. Spending the last 12 years working in marketing through a variety of industries the time in nature is her way to recharge.

Dad (Trail Name TBD)


Greg isn't just along for the ride. As the main cook at home, he is adapting to backpack cooking well. With a masters in education and the completion of his teaching credentials in 2019 he will be looking for a full-time teaching job after the trail.

Infamous Goose

Madison (Maddie)

Maddie read a blog in 2016 about Scrambler, a ten-year-old, who hiked the PCT and decided we should do that. Her interest in backpacking has evolved over the years and she has a passion for nature photography. Her favorite hikes include rock climbing and waterfalls.