PCT: 8/26/17 Are you thru hikers? – Nah, your packs are too heavy

Natalie packed up while we were sleeping and we said a quick goodbye as we finally roused from our tent. Shortly after Gillmore Girl Dad said goodbye as well as he was headed back to Seattle.

We took our time packing up which at this point you would think that we would have down to a science by now but never seemed to increase our speed, only our organization and efficiency. This day, in particular, we felt little motivation to hurry and even took a few moments for a hiker vogue photo shoot.

We hiked and hiked and then hiked some switchbacks. When we arrived at glacier lake we stopped to soak and clean up. After we watched a girl jump in a freeze we decided to just be lizards and sun on the warm rocks while soaking just our feet in the cold water.

The day continued with many more switchbacks until we finally hit the peak of the hill we had been climbing. And by hill I mean Mountain. Just as we crest the dang thing a very clean day hiker asked us if were thru-hikers and then proceeded to tell us how our packs were way too big… Thanks, dude!

We were supposed to have cell phone reception at this spot and as the theme continued of every other spot we thought we would, we had none. It was here that we first met Butch who was from Texas and had through-hiked the AT previously and would be flipping back to the Sierras after he finished the remainder of the PCT. He did have cell reception and allowed us to borrow to contact Greg and Nika’s boyfriend. We left messages hoping they would get them and know we were ok and close to the end of our adventure.

Butch became a favorite person of our trip by making fun of the day hikers after they departed and being incredibly supportive of us.

At the end of the day, we came up to Mig Lake and proceded to find an area to camp. At the first spot, we came across a huge dog growing at us and the owners came up to jokingly tell it to attack. We were less than amused.

After another 1/4 of a mile, we came across a cranky lady who clearly did not want us at her campsite. At this point, we were very tired having hiked over 10 miles of what seemed like a roller coaster of mountains and were losing our patience.

We continued into a large campsite area already occupied by several people. Some were already asleep while others were making dinner. Butch was there with his bivy and encouraged us to set up near him which was again scored him brownie points.

We set up as quietly as possible, cooked our food, ate, and hung up our bear bags with only whispers as we were trying not to disturb those around us. We crawled into the tent and were ready for bed when the two pastors, each in their own tents a short ways away from us, began reading aloud in the darkness to each other. After their story time, they began talking about one of their sons who went on a 9-day backpacking trip and packed 2 bags of Costco trail mix, “the bad kind with the chocolate.” We couldn’t help but laugh as it was one of the favorite snacks on our trip.

We fell asleep to one of them talking about his translator father who knew scripture as we laid there trying not to laugh and lulled to sleep by the ones he knew.

8/24/17 START END
10.5 Miles Deception Lake Mig Lake
LUNCH Kind Bars with Peanut Butter
DINNER • Some Soup Mix that wasn’t really our favorite
SNACKS • Trail Mix
• Jerky