PCT: 8/20/17 Bring On Section J WA!

Snoqualmie Pass
Nika & Britt starting at Snoqualmie Pass

The drive out was a bit slow moving as we made numerous stops to REI, coffee, gas, Trader Joe’s, and another gas station to get the right Smart Water bottles with the sport top lids that seemed to be out of season. We made it to the trailhead at about 1:30 pm where we then packed up the last bits of our newly purchased items, took some happy starting photos and hit the trail.

View from the trail

Our packs were between 35 and 40 lbs. and we were slow moving but kept chugging all the way to Ridge Lake (a whole 7.2 miles which was huge as neither of us had ever done so much with backpacks on and an almost 3,000 feet ascent!)  When we got there everyone seemed to say there were only a few spots left that were far away but after collecting our water we walked just a little ways up and found a perfect clearing that had obviously been used before as a campsite and had a nice hill/cliff between us and the water creating a slight barrier away from the bugs.

Hanging the bear bags proved to be incredibly difficult as we had 2x 11 lbs. food bags plus our trash bag and cooking/personal items. Our half-assed attempt looked pitiful but worked at the moment. Nika had been almost delusional when getting water and setting up camp, but with some taco rice and tortillas, she seemed to quickly recover. Exhausted we hit the tent for some sleep with hopes that it may be better tomorrow.


8/20/17 START END
7 Miles Snoqualmie Pass Ridge Lake
LUNCH On the Road
DINNER Taco Rice & Tortillas
SNACKS • Clif Shot Energy Gel with Caffeine, Chocolate Cherry
• Trail Mix

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