What I want out of my time on the PCT:

When I grow up I want to be a nature photographer, specifically plants and animals, NOT HUMANS! So many photos are of people that eventually you get bored of staring at one person after another. Personally, looking at pictures other people have taken of plants or animals inspires me to work harder and go outside and find something worth taking a picture of. I would also like to write about these pictures. I have a passion for writing and I have so much fun while doing it. I could write for hours at a time. Some goals I have for writing are using better vocabulary words, having better grammar, and knowing how to use transition words more often. These are important things to know if I want to become very good at writing and have that be a part of my career and will have lots of time to practice on the PCT.

I have thought a lot about sharing a tent with one of my parents and my decision is to try and get my own tent as often as possible. I love sleeping in my own tent and not worrying about hitting my mom or dad ( I have a tendency of doing that when I sleep). I also love having more room to not only put my things but to move around and stretch. Honestly, I would like my own tent the entire trip (in case you haven’t noticed) since all of these things lead to me wanting room in my tent and not having to sleep right next to someone.

For food, I WILL get the packaged biscuits and gravy for breakfast every once and awhile. I would like a dessert at least once a week (something for a little motivation). In the towns, I don’t really care what food we get as long as it is something that my entire family agrees on (INCLUDING ME). In hotels, I want my own bed, I like my own personal space (A LOT) and prefer time alone from people sometimes when I will be hiking with them for the next six months. I like the idea of having zero days, but I know we won’t do those too often so I hope we get to do fun things on those days.

Personally, I would like a mixture of having family meet us on the trail and walking with other thru-hikers. By doing this I think we will get to meet new people more often than we usually do and still see family at the same time. I hope that there will be other kids on the trail that are my age, but I do not expect there will be many or even any at least that I will meet. While walking with others adults on the trail it would be nice to meet other kids whether they are older or younger.

I think the hardest part when being on the trail is when we are in hot climates. I hate walking in the sand when there is nothing around me that is interesting, or pretty. Being dirty or cold won’t bother me as much since I will become used to it very quickly.

When we are on the PCT, I worry that I will lose my friends and my dog will not recognize me when I get back. Though I am sure my dog will know who I am and I will have friends to come back to, I just wonder what would happen if they did forget who I was.

I love climbing rocks and crawling through caves and holes, so parts of the PCT that require a lot of that will be very entertaining for me. Probably more than most people could say for themselves.

I dread the idea of every night setting up tents and to stop walking only to know that I will have to pack it all up and continue walking in the morning. Knowing I will have to repeat this cycle every day for six months does not sound very pleasant. In fact, it makes me want to not hike the PCT. What does motivate me to hike is to know that when I am done I can say that I finished the PCT when lots of other kids don’t even know what the PCT is.

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