How can you help?

Become a Patreon

There are several ways you can give us support. To sponsor us for as little as $1/month and help us pay for a night at a hotel, meal, or gear and get perks you can join us on Patreon by Clicking Here

If you would like to support us getting on the trail we are offering this as an option and can not thank you enough for your support! Some of these we will be buying regardless and some will help treat us to some extra luxury, but every bit helps.

Sponsor a Meal, Hotel, or Other Need

We have created a place where you can sponsor a specific item while we are on trail. This may be a meal, a night in a hotel, a zero day, or shipping a resupply package. Every little bit helps! Choose how you would like to support us at

Donate Directly

Patreon and Travelersjoy are great platforms for this but there is a fee paid to them from your donation or sponsorship. If you would like to send money directly through digital channels via paypal (@bcollinsworth), venmo (@brittaniecollinsworth), or squarecash ($bcollinsworth) please use the handles provided with “PCT” and anything specific you would like to sponsor such as a dinner or hotel.

Use Our Amazon Links

See the bottom of this page or click on any of the banners to make your regular purchases through our amazon links allowing us to receive a small amount in return.

Follow Us on Social Media

Follow our outdoor adventures on Facebook at @NoPlaceLikeCamp and Instagram at @NoPlaceLikeCamp_bc

Emotional Support

Send us a message via email, text, or through social media and just let us know you are thinking about us. It really is the thought that counts

All donations in the form of cans, money, and emotional support are greatly appreciated by The Collinsworth Family.

We do want to reiterate that many of these are items we will need to buy ourselves regardless, but your gifts will help us enjoy more luxuries while we are out on the trail and less stress on our return.

Shop On Amazon

Planning on shopping on Amazon for your next Outdoor Gear purchase? How about your everyday purchases?

By clicking on any of the amazon links or banners on this site and making a purchase, a small amount will come back to us at no cost to you. That’s right – you are helping support us by shopping!