Food on the Trail

My family enjoys cooking food, watching food shows, talking about food, and eating. Two years ago when we began planning for the trail we decided to dehydrate most of our dinners and breakfasts. Dehydrating was an interesting experience because we learned what foods we enjoyed dehydrated and which ones were too much of a hassle and easier to just buy the ingredients already dried or purchase the food on trail.

On trail, we will typically buy salami or summer sausage, tortillas, bars, and other snacks that have lots of protein, fat, and calories. Although having to carry all of our food on trail forces us to think about calories vs weight, we still carry some small candy for a treat at the end of each day.

For lunches, we will usually make a wrap with a tortilla, sausage meat, cheese if we have any, along with mustard and mayonnaise. When we are out of mustard and mayonnaise we will use a tuna packet, but we have all agreed that the tuna packets have become old and no one except for Wiseman is excited to eat them.

So far, our favorite snack before and after lunch are the coffee collection from Cliff bars. There isn’t a precise schedule for food that my family has, but we will usually drink coffee and some sort of energizing food for breakfast, a few snacks (or a wrap) for lunch around noon, and a dinner not long after we have all arrived to camp. This typically works for us because different days will require different food setups.

My favorite dinner that we prepped ahead of time is currently the alfredo pesto with sun dried tomatoes. The dinner I dread is the mango curry as we made it too spicy and usually try and give it away. Overall though our food has a lot of variety and flavor, we add ghee or olive oil to it to add more calories and fat.

In town, we will buy real coffee, soda, fresh fruit and vegetables, pizza, burgers, and lots of candy/treats since that is very limited while hiking. Typically, my trail family and I will have a specific fruit in our minds and we will think about all the way to town. When we reached Ridgecrest I (more like my parents) had bought a pineapple and we ate the entire thing in one day. While I was excited for a pineapple, Wiseman had seen a plant that looks like a large thing of green grapes and so we also got grapes and ate those outside of the Walmart we had shopped at.

Overall, while on trail our lives are overtaken by the thought of food and we love it. Although the variety is limited compared to home, we enjoy the adventures of learning what foods we loose interest in quickly, what our favorites are, and how our tastes buds adapt to hiker food.