First Impressions of the Trail

Around the first week of hiking the PCT, I found it is relevantly close to what I imagined; flexible days, card games at night, entertaining conversations, and becoming closer with my family.

The experience of hiking through the desert then turning a corner to find yourself in ankle deep slush is much different then hiking trails with more limited landscapes.

After being on the trail for a long period of time and then entering a town is a big change for the mind. A bed, shower, clean clothes, and non-dehydrated food became mesmerizing while on the trail.

After experiencing the life on the trail I realized that the little things in town become more noticeable. At the Mount Laguna Lodge my parents received a “welcome gift” of three buckets and laundry detergent as well as some paper plates to keep the microwave clean. Before my mom was told the reason why she was given the paper plates she thought they were given just out of kindness. Although the lodge had their own reason for providing the paper plates, my mom was happy to receive such a little thing.

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