In regards to care packages…

We have received numerous requests for sending care packages to us on the trail, and while we are touched beyond words by such generosity, but due to the boxes of foods we sent ourselves, our ever-changing needs and tastes, as well as the common issue of hikers receiving duplicates or items too heavy or impractical to carry… we have decided to respectfully decline this offer thus saving those the shipping costs and the risk of not being able to carry and use what is sent.

Although care packages for the trail are too challenging for us at this time we would be happy for you to sponsor something for us in town that allows us to splurge on a nicer dinner, stay in a slightly better hotel, or stock up on extra candy.

We have several ways for folks to do this through websites like Patreon and Travelersjoy explained on our website at

Patreon and Travelersjoy are great platforms for this but there is a fee paid to them from your donation or sponsorship. If you would like to send money directly through digital channels via paypal (@bcollinsworth), venmo (@brittaniecollinsworth), or squarecash ($bcollinsworth) please use the handles provided with “PCT” and anything specific you would like to sponsor from the list below:

  • Fast Food Meal: $35
  • Full Meal: $50
  • Round of Drinks: $25
  • Campground stay: $30
  • Hotel: $100
  • Zero Day Fun Activities: $60
  • Lyft Ride: $10
  • Resupply Shipping: $20
  • Town Supplies: $25

We would love to send you a photo of us enjoying your treat and will give credit and post the photo of the item or experience on our social media.

Please know that every comment of encouragement or sharing of our page with another friend or relative means the world to us and we are not specifically asking for any sort of monetary gift. We have been so lucky to have such an amazing group of people in our lives and hope you will continue in following and interacting with us on our journey.