We just have to do this 9 more times

We are now over 1/10 of the way done with the trail and have been out here officially for one month. We have begun hiking more miles each day and also eating more to sustain such activity.

We have already been through so many environments, hiked up so many mountains, and met so many amazing people.

Our trail family continues to ebb and flow with the three of us and Wiseman at it’s core. We know that there may be a time where even we separate as we tend to always be the last out of camp and top out around 16-19 miles right now. But, for now it is perfect.

We have learned a lot, some of which includes:

  • That most snakes, even rattlers, typically just want to mosey on their way
  • That ants are everywhere and every mountain is really just a giant ant hill
  • Locals love to tell you exactly what is coming up on the trail even without prompting – we enjoy it even with our very detailed gps app
  • Never let good shade go to waste
  • Ultralight tents aren’t always the best on trail and free standing tents would have been better for us
  • The importance of eating the right types of food at the right time
  • Cowboy camping, although making it easy to pack up, is not worth the bugs
  • Hiking down hill means you will have to hike back up… but going up does not guarantee a downhill
  • SoCal is mostly uphill… except a 20 mile down hill stretch

We can’t wait for more miles, lessons and adventures!

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  1. Your pace and style of hiking have to work for you and your family; especially when you’re doing 2650!! Otherwise it becomes a “forced march” and you lose the enjoyment of the adventure and it’s nothing but work! I think you’re doing great and am SOOOO envious as all together I’ve only done about 300 non-contiguous miles of the PCT. Way to Go team!!!

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